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Hoya chewiorum
Hoya chewiorum
Hoya lockii
Hoya dennisii
Hoya linusii
Hoya sp. Perak
Hoya sammannaniana
Hoya cv.Kaimuki
Hoya gravaolens
Hoya mapigera
Hoya sp.
Hoya sp UT-223
Hoya inflata

"Hoya" is a genus of the Milkweed family, Asclepiadaceae. Hoyas are found in Asian and Australian regions. They consist of at least 100 species occurring from China, Southeast Asia to Oceania. We can identify hoyas easily from other climbing epiphytes with opposite leaves by having milky sap in all parts, rather thick and fleshy leaves, flowers in umbelliform, and a star-shaped corona.

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