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>>> How to order ?

The best quality of "Rooted cutting" Hoyas

Please use this order form to send your wish list to us.

Click to download an order form (and send email to us)
Download an order Form

Click for download >>> updated price list

Please email the order form to us at
This step, we can confirm your wish list and any requirement
for order plants. Some of our rare plants have no mass production
or not available at the time (can make reservation).

Payment (Paypal and Western Union)
>>> Paypal : We do accept Paypal (USD.)
All payments should be paid via Paypal.

>>> Western Union : Please email to us, siamgreenish001@gmail.com

By bank account : Please email to us,siamgreenish001@gmail.com

(All case, please do not send money unless I conform your order.)
We shipping after customer transfer money in 3-4 days for EMS package or 5-7 days for Air-cargo shipping.

Minimum order
For worldwide orders, there will be a minimum order of $100 USD.

Worldwide shipping
Ordering for XL-size pot plants (bare rooted) may not available
in some species. Please email to us at epiphytica@gmail.com for
confirm your wish list. Normally, we package our epiphytic plants by

Rooted cuttings
with 3-6 leaves for big leaves hoyas and longer
cutting (6 - >20 leaves) for smaller leaves hoyas. (or they are about
15-30 cm. long) We will reply to you when some rooted cutting are not
avialable ,some time we offer in
fresh cutting (we will send fresh
cutting only customer confirm to us). We will try to meet your plant
quarantine requirements. Many countries requires import permit for
life plants. Please seek information on importing permits with
your their agriculture department to ensure a safe import.

Guarantee policy (only for EMS package and Air-cargo)
1. We send replacement for any accidental shipping with next order (Photos need).
2. Customer can pay for shipping fee and we send again.
(Photos need)
3. 100% Refunding is only for plants, except shipping fee.
(Photos need)

Shipping cost (EMS package or Air-cargo)

EMS (< 1,000g.) to World wild = 60-70 USD
you can see the shipping fee directly at
Free shipping for EMS >$500 per one order.

Air-cargo (< 5,000g.) to World wild = 250 USD
Free shipping for Air-cargo >$1,200 per one order.

In case of you need documents:
All international orders should have phytosanitary certificate
inside the package.

>>> We have certificated documents for export to EU countries.
>>> USA customers please ask USDA for a import permit.
(permit-sticker send to us before order.)

Phytosanitary certificate for all plants / 1 box = 12 USD
CITES certificate (contact us epiphytica@gmail.com)

>>>> Download an order Form
Click for download >>> 2019 updated price list
For customers

order form (email)


Minimum order

Shipping fee

Guarantee policy

Custom documents

Sample Photos

New price list!
Click for download >>> updated price list
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