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These prices for size 20-30cm.
long (or start from 6 leaves-3nodes)
,all are rooted plants
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EPC-718 Hoya danumensis

Hoya danumensis (UT-174)

EPC-045 Hoya dasyantha Hoya dasyantha

EPC-046 Hoya davidcummingii Hoya davidcummingii
EPC-401 Hoya dennisii "Gold Ridge" (IML-0955)

Hoya dennisii

EPC-048 Hoya densifolia Hoya densifolia

EPC-049 Hoya deykei
Hoya deykeae

EPC-780 Hoya deykeae (splash leaves)
EPC-781 Hoya diptera Hoya diptera (splash leaves)
EPC-227 Hoya unknown KNJ Hoya dischorensis

EPC-051 Hoya diversifolia

Hoya diversifolia

EPC-221 Hoya dolichospate Clone-A Hoya dolichosparte (Yellow flower)

EPC-402 Hoya eitapensis IML-0298

Hoya eitapensis (IML-0298)

EPC-641 Hoya elliptica  Philippines Hoya elliptica (Philippines, big leaves with low contrast veins)

EPC-311 Hoya elliptica Hoya elliptica (white contrast veins)

EPC-322 Hoya-elliptica Hoya elliptica (IML-1679, beautiful round shape)

EPC-655 Hoya mindorensis (borneo) Hoya elmeri (Dark hairly flowers, borneo)

EPC-955 EPC-955

Hoya elmeri (full splash leaves, Sabah, borneo)

EPC-314 Hoya endauensis Hoya endauensis

EPC-746 Hoya erythrina GPS 10143

Hoya erythrina (GPS-

EPC-643 Hoya erythrostemma

Hoya erythrostemma (pinkish white flower with dark red pedicels, Krabi,Thailand)

EPC-841 Hoya erythrostemma UT-045 Hoya erythrostemma (UT-045, White flowers)
EPC-784 Hoya erythrostemma full red flowers Hoya erythrostemma (fully red flowers)

EPC-743 Hoya erythrostemma thick and splash Hoya erythrostemma (splash ovate leaves)

EPC-762 Hoya erythrostemma long leaves with full splash Hoya erythrostemma (Full pink flower, fully splash long leaves)

EPC-055 Hoya excavata Hoya excavata
EPC-539 Hoya filiformis

Hoya filiformis

EPC-774 finlaysonii large ovate leaves Hoya finlaysonii (very large ovate leaves,
Petchaburi, Thailand)

EPC-057 Hoya finlaysonii Hoya finlaysonii (big dark leaves and more dark flowers)

EPC-143 Hoya padangensis Hoya finlaysonii (very beautiful splash leaves)

EPC-059 Hoya finlaysonii (short leaf)	Hoya finlaysonii (beautiful nest vein)

EPC-318 Hoya-unknown-EPC-318 Hoya finlaysonii (wide shape leaves with hight contrast veins)

EPC-786 Hoya sp. aff.finlaysonii Hoya finlaysonii (Panggha, beautiful dark green leaves without veins,Thailand)
EPC-252 Hoya cagayaensis Hoya fitchii (CMF-8)

EPC-524 Hoya flagelata (TN99-024)

Hoya flagellata (TN99-024)

EPC-787 Hoya flagellata (ovate leaves, Yala, Thailand)

EPC-403 Hoya flavescens (IML-1117)

Hoya flavescens (IML-1117)

EPC-062 Hoya flavida Hoya flavida

EPC-540 Hoya forbesii Hoya forbesii

EPC-063 Hoya fraterna Hoya fraterna

EPC-064 Hoya fungii Hoya fungii

Hoya glabra Hoya glabra

Hoya glabra Hoya glabra (flowers)
EPC-066 Hoya globiflora Hoya globulifera (chocolate color flowers)

EPC-067 Hoya globulosa Hoya globulosa

EPC-068 Hoya golamcoiana Hoya golamcoana

EPC-069 Hoya gracilis Hoya gracilis
EPC-940 Hoya graveolens long leaves Hoya graveolens (red corona- white corola, long leaves)

EPC-941 Hoya gravaolens white corona Hoya graveolens (white corona)


Hoya griffithii (Big white flowers)

EPC-590 Hoya griffithii--yellow/gold flowers

Hoya griffithii (yellow-gold flowers, China)

EPC-925 Hoya sp Danang Hoya hainanensis
(SR-2013-005, DaNang, Vietnam)
EPC-501 Hoya halconensis (NS-05-213)
EPC-404 Hoya hellwigiana IML-1101

Hoya hellwigiana (IML-1101)

EPC-072 Hoya heuschkeliana Pink	Hoya heuschkeliana (pink flowers)
EPC-073 Hoya heuschkeliana Yellow	Hoya heuschkeliana (yellow flowers)
EPC-813 Hoya heuschkeliana Yellow	Hoya heuschkeliana (variegated)
EPC-840 Hoya ignorlata Hoya ignorata
EPC-845 Hoya-elagii Hoya ilagiorum
EPC-583 Hoya imbricata green

Hoya imbricata (var.imbricata Green leaves, Philippines)

EPC-075 Hoya imbricata Hoya imbricata (var.basi-subcordata, Philippines)
EPC-313 Hoya imperialis alba - white flower Hoya imperialis (Alba)
EPC-076 Hoya imperialis (long leaf) Red	Hoya imperialis (long leaves with big red flowers)
EPC-938 Hoya imperialis yellow Hoya imperialis (Big round leaves with big yellow flowers)
EPC-082 Hoya incrassata (albomarginata)	Hoya incrassata (albomarginata)
EPC-083 Hoya incrassata (variegata)	Hoya incrassata (variegata)
EPC-380 Hoya incurvula Hoya incurvula
EPC-857 Hoya sp. (GPS 7-35) Hoya isabelchanae (H. sp. GPS-7-35)

Hoya pages ; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
<<< Hoya spp. (Page 2) >>>

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